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New sushi restaurant from a veteran of Kaze, Mirai Sushi, and Heat.

Chef Macku Chan (Heat, Mirai Sushi) and his brothers Kaze and Hari have resurfaced after the legal dispute that killed Kaze Sushi, their former Roscoe Village restaurant. Macku is an uncomfortably smaller space, but not much has changed when it comes to the overwhelming and unrestrained menu.​


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Macku Sushi

So "fresh" are the "mind-blowing sashimi", "inventive sushi" and "amazing specials" at this "pricey but worth it" Lincoln Park Japanese that patrons wonder if there's "a fish market in the backyard"; "attentive" servers and a "trendy" yet "inviting" modern space also earn admiration from those who "cannot say enough" about it.


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The 15 Essential Sushi Restaurants in Chicago, Mapped

Chicago is far from the oceans but definitely not lacking when it comes to quality sushi. The city's most talented chefs are creating beautiful and luscious bites that rival the best in the country. Raw fish is not something to mess around with, so leave it to the experts who know how to wield a knife around the day's catch.

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