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Chan’s restaurants have been highly acclaimed by both local and national outlets. His first concept, Kaze, was named one of the nation’s “Top 10 Sushi Spots” by Bon 

Appetit Magazine and Macku Sushi was named one of the 20 "Best Sushi Restaurants in the U.S." by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

The menu at Macku is defined by a unique palette of ingredients, textures and flavors. Dishes combine sweet with savory along with hints of spice and smokiness. Above all, every dish is harmoniously balanced to attain Macku’s vision of Japanese cuisine. He’s opened a series of top flight restaurants with other partners and chefs including Mirai Sushi, Heat, and Kaze in Roscoe Village. Finally, Macku and its namesake have a place all their own. Located in Lincoln Park, Macku is intimate and refined. It’s the perfect place for Chef Chan to deliver his most inspired performance. “I studied the technique of sushi making for ten years before I even called myself a chef,” says Chef Chan. “I wanted to create a space that encouraged guests to eat sushi the way I have been taught and that is where the idea of sushi with toppings came from.”


Formally trained in Japanese cuisine, Chef Chan has become widely recognized for his traditional sushi and signature sashimi and nigiri. Macku Sushi blends traditional and modern approaches encouraging guests to dip nigiri by hand, fish-side down.

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